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Ocimene is an acyclic monoterpene hydrocarbon with the two isomers cis-ocimene and trans-ocimene. Ocimene itself is an isomer of myrcene and phellandrene.

Molecular formula

C10 H16

Molar mass

136.23 g

Physical state



Ocimene may be found in many Mediterranean plants and herbs, e.g., in marigold, lavender, and basil, where it is also part of the botanic name, ocimum basilicum. This terpene is traceable in several other plants and fruits, such as hemp, mint, orchids, mango, and tangerines.

Medicinal properties

Ocimene is able to stimulate the entire immune system, has anti-inflammatory effects and may be used as an antifungal.

anti-inflammatory antimycotic stimulating