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Delta-3-Carene is a bicyclic monoterpene hydrocarbon.

Molecular formula

C10 H16

Molar mass

222.37 g

Physical state



virtually insoluble in water


delta-3-carene may be found with up to 60% in the tropical pine and up to 19% in the common forest pine. It is also traceable in pepper oil, citrus plants, cypresses, junipers, hemp, and nutmeg, as well as in the resin of the incense tree.

Medicinal properties

Delta-3-Carene is said to promote mental concentration and to have anti-inflammatory effects. It also appears to help in the healing of damaged bones. Besides, it seems to be responsible for the dry mouth effect in cannabis use.

However, this terpene is also considered a trigger for skin allergies.

anti-inflammatory stimulating